On October 10, 1999, the Lord called Pastor Larry Benford and a group of dedicated believers to separate themselves under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and build a church unto God.


When God birthed this church, He started it in the fellowship hall of the Delta Towers apartment building and named it “Living Word Fellowship Church”. On October 13, 1999, services began taking place every Wednesday and Sunday.


By October 21, 1999, the old Watson Funeral Home was sighted. The next day Pastor Benford and the leaders of the church completed the transaction to purchase the building and the land that surrounded it. It would become our new church home.


Since our God knew what we needed, He blessed our finances and showed us tremendous favor. We began to receive donations that included three pianos, chairs and sound equipment. On November 25, 1999, Thanksgiving Day, we moved from the Delta Towers into the newly renovated funeral home, which was now a living, breathing, praising God church!


By January 2000, God had added to the fold so rapidly that walls were knocked out to make more space. As we continued to walk in obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, the Word drew more people. Again, we needed more room to grow.


On August 31, 2000, God blessed us to have a groundbreaking ceremony. We laid the foundation to build a brand new church! Construction began June 19, 2001. After we moved into the new building, the work of the ministry expanded. Members formed many types of auxiliaries with the sole purpose of worshiping the Lord and serving His people. These ministries included praise dancers, a praise and worship team, singles and youth ministry, as well as prayer intercessors.

While we’ve been in this building, God has continued to show Himself to be awesome! He has blessed us to go through several renovations to update the décor and add on additional enhancements. In 2011, we were able to purchase a multi-purpose building that serves as a fellowship hall as well as houses and an after-school program for area youth.


We are still thanking and trusting the Lord with all our hearts and determined to continue to walk in obedience to our God.

Where it all began...