Our Ministries

Audio Visual Ministry

The audio/visual ministry uses the latest technology to enhance the worship services and activities through the use of the many aspects of sound and video. It is a behind-the-scenes ministry, but one that is important to the worship experience.


The Media Ministry is responsible for the recording and distribution of tape messages for all services as directed by the Pastor. They make sure all the equipment is in working order and all supplies are available for a successful running ministry. Services are recorded and are available immediately after each service. If you would like to purchase a CD or DVD, please see a member of the Audio/Video Ministry. The cost is $5.00 each.

Bereavement Ministry 

Living Word Fellowship Church is a supportive ministry that provides comfort and assistance during times of bereavement and family loss.

Transportation Ministry 

Women's Ministry 

The mission of this ministry is to be light in a dark world.  We want to always seek God’s face and avail ourselves to His will.  We seek to encourage, strengthen and empower women to be all that God has called us to be and to honor God with our lifestyle!

This ministry consists of both married and single women that share a common goal; and that goal is to live holy for He is holy!  We pray by the Holy Spirit, that we will live our lives in such a way that the world will thirst after the “Jesus” that lives inside of us.  We also pray, that our faith will be strengthened and our hope renewed, so that we may go out and witness to a dying world the reality of serving a true and living God!   

The transportation ministry plays a very important role in fulfilling God’s wish of having His children brought to Him. The purpose of the transportation ministry here at Living Word Fellowship Church is to reach our local community with the Gospel by providing them with transportation to attend our church services.

Most people will not accept Christ – they must be won. Most people will not study the Bible – they must be taught. Most people will not come to church – they must be brought. Leaders of this ministry utilize the time on the bus to prepare the riders’ hearts for the message of the pastor. The return trip home is equally valuable, providing an opportunity to encourage each rider to bring a friend next week.

Youth Ministry 

The purpose of our Youth Ministry is to lead our youth to a genuine Christian faith by encouraging, teaching, supporting and equipping them to take the lifelong journey of following Christ.

Our youth program's purpose is to enable young people to grow closer to Jesus Christ and become His disciples.  We fulfill this purpose through education and serving others. 

Please encourage your son or daughter to be involved. We are well aware of the sacrifices and stress that parents are under. We can assure you that we are work hard and do our best to provide quality programs and meaningful experiences for our youth.